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 born: 29.11.1992
 dead: 20.12.2002

On 19.12.2001 our daughter (9 years of age), was diagnosed as having a tumour in the ?master brain?. Due to it?s particular position neither a biopsy nor an operation are possible.

According to today?s stand of knowledge of the orthodox school of medicine, a cure is not possible at present, at best the tumour can be reduced in size or it?s growth temporarily stopped.

At the time of her first admission to the oncology department in Graz, Kerstin was already suffering with severe language, walking, and balance disorders.

As therapy, she initially had Oncovin and Cortison was administered in varying doses until 16.4.2002 . The Oncovin - therapy was stopped because of it?s side-effects. We rejected a chemotherapy following discussions with the doctors. According to them neither this nor radiation therapy, had ever been successful in dealing with such a tumour. It would however, be worth trying radiation therapy, on grounds of the less severe side-effects. Since carrying out the radiation therapy, 30 radiations, 54 Gy, our daughter is doing very much better. The tumour has shrunk a little. With the exception of regular out-patients? visits and MR- checkups the orthodox medical treatment is herewith completed.

Additionally our daughter is also taken care of by doctors who practise alternative medicine and different therapists. She also receives REIKI several times a week and daily Dr. Rath vitamins.

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